Warning: Fake Facebook advertising for Bitcoin

British television presenter and former X-factor star Rylan Clark-Neal warned his followers against “fake interviews” claiming Rylan made “millions with Bitcoin”. On April 18, the former “Celebrity Big Brother” star tweeted that a fraudulent interview was in circulation on Facebook. This masquerades as the British newspaper The Daily Mirror. Rylan warned his followers:

“It circulates a fake interview on Facebook and social platforms. It pretends to be the Daily Mirror, but it isn’t. It talks about how I made millions with Bitcoin. Don’t fall for it.”


Fraudsters use fake celebrity interviews on Facebook

There is currently a lot of fraudulent advertising related to Bitcoin (BTC) on Facebook. Targeted ads are used to spread fake interviews claiming that celebrities in the entertainment industry have made a fortune by investing in Bitcoin.


Whistleblower exposes Ukrainian crypto fraud

At the beginning of March, a former employee of a fraud network related to bitcoin trading in the Ukrainian capital Kiev uncovered a $ 70 million fraud.The scam is aimed at investors in Australia, Great Britain and New Zealand and lures the victims with fake advertising. Celebrity names such as Hugh Jackman, Gordan Ramsey and Martin Lewis are used. The latter sued Facebook in 2018 for using his person on the platform by Bitcoin fraudsters.