Vitalik Buterin dreams of the world computer

Vitalik Buterin has turned the crypto-cosmos upside down and made its contribution to global technology with Ethereum. His vision of the world computer is getting closer and closer.While the Bitcoin inventor (s) hid their identity behind Satoshi Nakamoto, a face like no other represents the Ethereum cosmos: Vitalik Buterin. The high-flyer with Canadian-Russian roots wrote the underlying white paper at the tender age of just 19, opening the doors of an entire crypto ecosystem. Last but not least, due to the upcoming Ethereum upgrade, it is time to review the remarkable career.


From the white paper …

Vitalik Buterin was born on January 31, 1994 in the city of Kolomna in Russia. At the age of six he finally moved to Toronto, Canada with his parents in the hope of a better livelihood. Vitalik seems to have been born with the talent for handling numbers and codes: his father was a computer scientist, his mother a business analyst.After completing his studies at Abelard School, a private school with Socratic teaching methods, he began to become interested in the young cryptocurrency Bitcoin at the age of 17 and hired himself as an author on the blog Bitcoin Weekly. After the blog was stamped out, he founded Bitcoin Magazine together with Mihai Alisie in 2011. After a world tour across the globe, in which Buterin exchanged ideas with numerous developers, he finally returned to Toronto in 2013 and wrote the white paper on the Ethereum Blockchain. After the development team spent a year working on the implementation, Ethereum finally went live on July 30, 2015.