Twitter: Bitcoin rate (BTC) struggles with the 10k mark

Since halving a week ago, the Bitcoin price (BTC) has increased significantly. However, the $ 10,000 mark seems invincible. The Twitter trend is an increasing interest in the cryptocurrency, and it is shortly before the Bitcoin price (BTC) finally breaks the financial magical mark of $ 10,000 that has become magical. However, after a wallet at just under $ 9,900, the Bitcoin rate fielded just over $ 9,500 in the midday yesterday and is hovering at that level with a fluctuation range of $ 200. With a minus of 1.6 percent in a year-on-year comparison, the Bitcoin exchange rate is now at $ 9,590, but is up almost a week after halving with 11.8 billion on a weekly basis.


Even with altcoins

This trend is also reflected in the Altcoins. For example, the ether course (ETH) is down at $ 211.77 in the last 24 hours, with a drop of 1.1 percent. In a weekly comparison, the second largest cryptocurrency after market capitalization, however, has a substantial cushion of 14.3 percent. The ripple coin XRP remains at the previous day’s level and is sold with a barely strange loss of 0.2 status at $ 0.203. In a weekly review, the XRP course sees a kiss increase of 4.9 percent. In the same comparison with the IOTA course (MIOTA) with 13.3 percent gain in the last seven days of the XRP course from. However, with a first minus of 1.1 percent within one day, the IOTA rate stirs to a demanding $ 0.201.