This is why Gold is the only true currency

“Paper becomes paper, only gold remains money. Everything else is credit ”- said the American entrepreneur and most influential private banker of his time, John Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913). Is there anything there? Is the time of paper money only an epoch, but that of gold of eternal duration? And is gold the only thing that shines in the long term in the financial world? Aurimentum, specialist in gold investments by installment purchase, gives five reasons that the theory of J.P. Morgan confirm.


Independence & security

One of the most important characteristics of gold is that it exists independently of governments and central banks. Gold cannot be produced by any state or bank in the world and is therefore not manipulable in any way – on the contrary to the globally produced money supply, which increases and is devalued each year. The inflation caused in this way cannot attack gold as a raw material, which is why investors can be sure of their gold ownership.


Value & value retention

The precious metal gold has an additional property compared to its monetary counterparts. Because, in addition to its pure monetary value, it is known that it can also be used in the jewelry and technology industries and formed into a valuable object. For this reason too, gold has permanent value retention that cannot be attacked by new currencies or digital changes. Gold has been valued as a stable currency for thousands of years and has maintained its constant purchasing power since the beginning of modern man. Money goes. Gold remains.