The Goldprice is at a new high

$ 1,770. A fresh seven and a half year high in gold. Even if there are still enough doubters about the gold rally. Objectively speaking, gold has gained around 70 percent in value since the low in 2015. And that is nothing more than a new bull market for the precious metal. Sure: the silver price is (still) lagging behind. But ask yourself: What is more likely – that the 70 percent rally is just a flash or that silver will catch up in the coming years? For me it is clear: Silver will catch up and will reach a new all-time high above $ 50 in a few years.


Enormous potential

Gold and silver have enormous potential for the coming years. The environment is perfect for the precious metals. Interest rates remain at historically low levels close to 0 and central banks around the world are busy printing fresh money – or creating it electronically.

The money flows back into the gold sector. This is best seen in the exploration area – the long-unloved child of the stock exchange. Companies can refinance themselves every day and set up extensive drilling programs. In the coming months, when the drill samples are evaluated, the news flow will increase significantly. And hits that promise the prospect of a high-grade or large deposit will attract even more interest and thus capital and cause shares to explode. The exploration company boom has only just begun. Memories come back from 2004 to 2007, when many exploration companies multiplied in value.