Ripple partnership with Bank of America – Executive confirms collaboration

Ripple is known for regularly announcing partnerships with other financial companies such as banks. No wonder, because the products, which then in turn supply the use case for the cryptocurrency XRP, have to be sold and used. These partnerships are often more like smaller fish, i.e. banks or financial institutions that not everyone knows. But now it is confirmed that Ripple is probably working with a real shark from the USA: the Bank of America (BofA). What is behind it?


Ripple in ongoing partnership with Bank of America

Headlines about a partnership between Bank of America and Ripple have been circulating many times, but most of the time it was just speculation. Much information was not made public.But if you believe the words of the Head of Global Banking at BofA, Julie Harris, Ripple and BofA are already in an ongoing partnership. The executive confirmed this in the latest episode of the “Treasury Insights” podcast from Bank of America.When it comes to what’s going to change in the banking sector over the next 10 years, Harris says that Bank of America’s first goal is that customers can do anything anytime, anywhere. In addition, new solutions are to be integrated to keep up with the rapid changes in the fintech world.