Ripple CEO: Rumors of cooperation with US ministry

Ripple CEO known for his avid media activity

Despite all the criticism that Ripple Labs, the company now responsible for the development of the Ripple network and the Token XRP, is facing: Since the protocol was introduced in 2012, the system has gradually become one of the leading crypto projects in the world. Due to the flexibility of the system, the list of cooperation partners and Ripple users now includes several big names. For example, the global payment service provider Western Union relies on the network. Now rumors are circulating that Ripple could soon be part of the US Treasury Department’s partner network, due to some statements made at the World Economic Forum. None other than the incumbent Treasury Secretary was in a position to trigger the latest speculation that Ripple could once again be one step ahead of competitors such as Ethereum or Bitcoin.


Minister only praised systems for global payments

But if you take a closer look, it becomes clear that once again it is the bustling Ripple CEO Garlinghouse who is firing up further speculation in this regard. The crypto-pioneer knows how PR via social media works and has proven this often enough. During his statement, the politician allegedly only referred to the company MoneyGram as a renowned Ripple partner. But at least Mnuchin found words of praise for the start-up, as can be seen from media reports. At the traditional conference in Switzerland, the minister spoke about the important topic of “Transforming the Payment Industry”. Against the backdrop of the emphasis within the speech, Ripple in particular could hope for further support from US policymakers, as at least Brad Garlighouse interpreted it. Mnukhin actually spoke of the government’s support for secure companies that optimize cross-border payment traffic.


When will the US implement reliable crypto rules?

Ripple is one of the crypto projects that are pursuing this goal. But there are of course endless other formats with this orientation between Bitcoin and Zcash. However, an explicit reference to Ripple was not found in the speech. But Garlinghouse wouldn’t be Garlinghouse if he didn’t feed the rumour mill with new food. In view of the lack of clarity in the legal classification of the XRP token in the USA, cooperation is unquestionably not to be expected. Nevertheless, the speech shows in a way once again that the US administration is more open to digital currencies and payment systems as well as blockchain technology. Recently there have even been rumors that there might soon be a one digital dollar from the Federal Reserve.