New record prices for Krugerrand gold coins

Record prices
The gold price has recently reached new record highs. And with the price on the stock exchange, of course, the selling prices for gold coins and gold bars also rise. Silver coins also currently cost as much as they have not been since 2013.

Krugerrand gold coins
For the first time, an ounce Krugerrand gold coin costs more than 1,800 euros this week. The premium has even decreased slightly compared to the previous week. On Friday morning at 11 a.m., our weekly market observation resulted in an average price of 1,825 euros. The gold price on the spot market was quoted at 1,741 euros at the same time. For one Krugerrand ounce, you paid an average premium of 4.81 percent on the gold price. In the previous week it was 4.85 percent. In normal market phases, Krugerrand gold coins were available with a premium of less than 4 percent.

Silver coins
The average buyer’s premium for Maple Leaf silver coins has fallen even more significantly. An ounce of this classic investment cost an average of 29.55 euros on Friday. The premium on the current silver price was only 23.21 percent. In the previous week it was just under 27 percent. So there should still be plenty of goods available in the trade.