Jack Dorsey company Square: grants for Bitcoin development

Square Crypto has now published the criteria for its grant program for Bitcoin developers. You need to improve privacy, usability, scalability, or other features.

Payment company Square Crypto, founded by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, is now officially supporting the development of Bitcoin (BTC) through a grant program. With this, the company formalizes its already substantial contributions to cryptocurrency.

In a March 4 announcement, the company announced that the Square Grants program would now be made public. Two developers have already received grants: BTCPayServer received $ 100,000 to continue developing its open source payment processor. Another developer received an undisclosed sum in connection with the development of the Lightning Network.

Square also announced in the announcement that Jon Atack and Tankred Hase had also received grants of undisclosed amounts. Both are Bitcoin developers who have previously done significant work in this area.


Application for grants

Square has made the terms of participation in the program public. The rules state that teams or individuals can receive grants around the world. The prerequisite is that you are working on a Bitcoin project.The proposals must improve usability, scaling, privacy, security, or “something else we didn’t think about” related to Bitcoin, Square said. The developers must also have a “good reputation” within the Bitcoin community.

The team listed several examples of suitable projects. New second-tier solutions, data protection implementations such as Payjoin or SNICKER, and new wallets were mentioned.

Applicants must send an email to Square and write a detailed application letter. “We will get back to you when we are thrilled with the idea and the eligibility criteria are met,” said the announcement.