India, South Korea, Germany – Cryptos country rights

Nations have to deal with cryptos

Positive news from Asia caused a sensation in cryptospace in the right week. India and South Korea legalized crypto trading, and bitcoin subsequently jumped above the correct $ 9,000 mark. But also in Europe, more and more nations are using blockchain technology. Unfortunately, the messages come to a conceivably lost state because the corona virus has all the central states. We take a look at the most important events.


France recognizes Bitcoin as well

In the first week, reports from France caused a stir in the crypto community. According to the reports, a political commercial court had Bitcoin before the legal days as the classic in the classic sense of the legal content. If the news changes, it would be a big step towards adjustment. The news channel “Les Echos” already on Thursday from the court decision. A feeling between the crypto exchange Paymiuim and BitSpread was predicted.


Bullish news from Asia

India and South Korea legalize cryptocurrency trading. For many experts, these reports are directly correlated with the course ralley from the previous week. Known person who heard at the same time that the rights of the users are controlled, since several exchanges are run. South Korea gilded as a “crypto-bullish” nation. According to various SCAMs, the law differed with quality controls for more security measures.