Harald Seiz | A visionary reveals revolutionary ideas for liquidity and financial security

A large part of the population looks to the financial future with quite some concern.
 Harald Seiz sees this concern as well-founded and is open about the risks of the conventional financial market. Each state currency is a debt currency, money created from nothing and backed only by a promise. The financial market is volatile because every crisis, every catastrophe and every geopolitical decision influences it. The current discussions about the abolition of cash, the imminent Brexit and the low interest rate policy are three of the many influences that fuel fears of one’s own financial future.
 That doesn’t have to be the case, says Harald Seiz, introducing gold as an investment and means of payment.

Harald Seiz is visionary, founder and CEO of Karatbars International, which has been active since 2011. He is also an author who deals extensively with financial policy issues and alternatives to state finance. Harald Seiz speaks out clearly for gold for everyone and sees in this precious metal not only one, but the most crisis-proof currency of the future. Those who want to be liquid and maintain their solvency even in times of crisis should focus on gold in the smallest denominations. With Cashgold and the GoldCard, Karatbars has created exactly this opportunity and has already achieved great success at a global level.


Success is not a question of status, but the result of actions.

Harald Seiz is not one of those people who were born with the proverbial golden spoon in their mouth. The CEO, author and visionary fought hard for his success and faced many doubts, adversities and skepticism. With a firm belief in his idea and its realization, Harald Seiz managed to firmly establish his vision of gold as a means of payment. Harald Seiz is today one of the best-known figures in the alternative financial market, whose goal – the introduction of gold as a means of payment is within reach all over the world. According to Harald Seiz, only those who act and believe in themselves and their thoughts can establish innovations and inspire others. Harald Seiz has written down his findings and perspective, deliberately not referring to dystopias. An honest approach to the upcoming problems is important, but just as important, according to Harald Seiz, is the demonstration of plausible solutions. Harald Seiz also says that viewing the issue from a perspective that transcends time promotes understanding and thus justifies the “excursions into history” when he talks about gold and state currency, about crises and wars as well as catastrophes.

In the future, according to Harald Seiz, only a means of payment will be able to exist that defies all external forces and that, no matter what happens, does not lose its value. Here Harald Seiz refers to the tried and tested and puts his trust in gold, which has continuously gained in value since the inception of exchange and payment and exhibits the highest degree of stability. According to Harald Seiz, anyone who owns gold is on the safe side – in a safe haven and at the same time permanently liquid. It is important that gold is used in small quantities and thus for daily purchases as well as smaller acquisitions.