Gold stocks are promising and peaceful

Gold fell on Friday in New York trading from $ 1,735 to $ 1,730 / oz. This morning, gold prices in the Shanghai and Hong Kong markets are losing again and are currently trading at $ 1,725 / oz, $ 7 / oz below Friday’s level. Gold mining stocks can grow worldwide.


From the global financial crisis to the crack-up boom (catastrophe boom)

Virologist and Charité Professor Christian Drosten receives the one-time “Special Prize for Outstanding Science Communication in the Covid-19 Pandemic”. The prize is awarded by the German Research Foundation and the Stifterverband and is endowed with 50,000 euros.


The precious metal markets

On a euro basis, the gold price declines with a lighter dollar (current price 51,073 euros / kg, previous day 51,879 euros / kg). On April 14th, the gold price reached the target price range between $ 1,700 and $ 1,900 / oz after a long upward movement and has been valued fairly again for many years. Due to the lack of alternative investments, it is advisable to remain fully invested in gold, silver and precious metal stocks even at the beginning of an expected exaggeration phase.As many weak hands have come into the market in the upward trend of the past few months, a more volatile price development can be expected in the next few months.