Gold might end up being even more expensive!

The gold price has recently recovered significantly from its lows. But the precious metal has so far failed to break out. However, the corona virus has caused problems in the supply chain. Some mints have recently ceased operations, and mines have had to close temporarily. And the travel restrictions do the rest. Some coins are now sold out. And that ensures rising prices at dealers.


Retailers prices

The Bloomberg news agency now reports that retailers’ prices have long ceased to be as significantly above the spot price as they are now. “Consumers have always been willing to pay more for gold coins than gold on the spot market, but this premium has more than doubled at the moment,” Bloomberg writes. The last time when such high premiums were paid was shortly before the Brexit election. At that time, you would have paid a clear premium for the spot in Great Britain because you were looking for a safe haven. “Some retailers are currently not taking orders,” said Ronan Manly, an analyst in Singapore at BullionStar.

Good advice is therefore expensive for investors. If you want to buy coins, you have to pay the premium for better or worse. However, portals like offer at least a good overview of the best dealers to get coins from.