FC Barcelona launches partnership with Blockchain company

The Spanish football club FC Barcelona is relying on a blockchain company to increase its commitment with its worldwide fan base. This makes it the next top-class sports club to work with a blockchain-based company.


FC Barcelona football club signed a multi-year strategic partnership with Chiliz, a block-chain-based fan engagement company operating through the Socios.com platform. With the Barça Fan Token( $BAR ), a digital asset, the sports club aims to strengthen its ties with its worldwide fans and to generate investment from fan monetization, according to the press release issued on Thursday 13 February.

The club also announced that the alliance is part of its global expansion strategy with a “clear focus on digital. The main focus is on its commitment to finding the “best possible agreements in each area”. And:

“to help Barça lead not only on the pitch, but also in business partnerships and sports marketing,” the press release continues.


Barça fan tokens and Socios.com: A good match

Via the tokenised voting platform Socios.com, fans can use the Barça fan token( $BAR) to participate in club-related votes and surveys. By using the Blockchain, fans get access to encrypted, unchangeable voting rights. And for their participation they are rewarded with the Fan-Token. If they collect diligently, they should receive either “exclusive fan articles” or a “unique, one-off experience” in exchange.

The Barça fan tokens themselves are limited in number, 40 million. In any case, they will be made available to the 351 million or so Catalan fans worldwide in a quarter of a year at a price of around 2.20 US dollars. FC Barcelona also gathers an international, digital fan community of more than 83 million fans on social media platforms. According to the press release, the club wants to use “new digital channels and formats” especially for them to bring the millions of Barcelona fans who do not live in Europe closer to the “real” fan experience.


Other high-profile Blockchain football initiatives

So far, Socios.com cooperates with the football clubs Juventus Turin, Paris Saint Germain, West Ham United and AS Rome. Similar blockchain football links already exist between Real Madrid, Arsenal London, Borussia Dortmund and the technology start-up Fantastec. Manchester City has also signed a partnership with the Blockchain company Superbloke.

Jerseys and tickets are other football applications in which the Blockchain was used.


Socios.com wants to change the sport

The official partnership was sealed at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona. Alex Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz and Socios.com, expressed his great pleasure:

“With over 300 million fans worldwide, Barça’s fan base extends across countries and cultures. The club is undoubtedly the best known and most supported football club in the world and we can’t wait to see how the fans start to influence the decisions of the club,” he said.


Dreyfus explained and added:

“Every time a fan downloads the app, we encourage education, and every time a fan buys a fan token, we strengthen the use cases of this innovative technology.”