Etherum co-founder does not agree with crypto mining on smartphones

Vitalik Buterin, one of the co-founders of Ethereum, commented negatively on crypto mining using cell phones.Buterin tweeted on April 13 that mining on mobile phones was “a fool’s game”. He was referring to the announcement of the smartphone giant HTC, which wants to give users the opportunity to mine Monero (XMR) via their blockchain cell phone Exodus.

The Ethereum co-founder commented on the announcement:

“This contradicts everything we know about economies of scale in hardware. Users are misled with false hope rather than helping them.”


Mixed reactions to Buterin tweet

There were different reactions to Buterin’s comment on social networks. Some said that he minced the concept of mobile crypto mining. The commentators alluded to Ardor, which can be mined using Android smartphones. Others agreed with him.


The Ethereum co-founder replied to a user’s comment. The latter asked how the use of CPU power for mining “is worse than when rich people get richer because of their larger pockets”:

“As if the PoW were a virtuous act, working with blood and sweat and not just sitting around waiting for hardware (which you could buy because you were rich) to make you even richer.”


HTC: “Reduce” Mining Costs and Energy Consumption

HTC said the high energy consumption and cost could be “reduced” by moving work to mobile devices.In the announcement, the company also emphasized that the app would no longer mine automatically if the smartphone was used or the charger was not connected.