Dr. h.c. Seiz | Cashgold vs. Debt Currencies – The financial system is unstable

Confidence in banks has long been shattered, fears of the loss or complete devaluation of cash are on the rise and people fear crises, wars and inflation. What sounds like a scenario from the past is sadly the reality in the present. Dr. h.c. Seiz, author of the book “Cashgold vs. Schuldwährungen” (Cashgold vs. Debt Currencies) and founder and CEO of Karatbars International GmbH, has recorded his thoughts and published a book that encourages a new way of thinking. He describes the global political environment and reports on how cash is coming under increasing pressure. He addresses the instability of the banks and leads directly to debt currency, the fiat money of today created out of thin air. Money currencies such as the dollar and the euro are nothing more than promissory notes for which the consumer can exchange goods for the sum of the printed amount. But what happens if the number on the banknote is no longer worth anything due to inflation and you need one million at a time to buy a loaf of bread, as is the case with high inflation? What sounds like science fiction has been repeated more than once in the history of mankind. The publication of the book “Cashgold vs. Schuldwährungen” (Cashgold vs. Debt Currencies) could not have taken place at a better time than now, when world politics and the global financial system are coming to terms with Brexit.


Financial uncertainty due to the abandonment of the gold standard

Dr. h.c. Seiz expresses exactly what occupies and frightens most people. “Cashgold vs. Schuldwährungen” (Cashgold vs. Debt Currencies) is a book that explains the meaning and origin of debt, reports authentically and without embellishment on the enormous growth of debt, and addresses the issue of distrust in conventional financial markets. The author writes in detail about the dangers of debt currencies, and about the risks in payment transactions and in infrastructure. The bottom line is that a printed banknote is worth no more than the paper on which a number is printed. This is not the case with Cashgold, which the author discusses in the last third of his book “Cashgold vs. Schuldwährungen” (Cashgold vs. Debt Currencies). At this point, the book’s transition to a new sense of confidence fits perfectly. Because Cashgold, the product of Karatbars International GmbH, is not a simple bank note, but a means of payment and investment product with 24 carat gold, which is directly incorporated into Cashgold. To illustrate the importance of Cashgold as a safe haven, Dr. h.c. Seiz writes in “Cashgold vs. Schuldwährungen” (Cashgold vs. Debt Currencies) about the history of gold and the evolution of the gold price. While conventional financial systems in the past have always devalued and changed after a few decades, gold has never lost value and has thus never lost stability.


“Cashgold vs. Schuldwährungen” (Cashgold vs. Debt Currencies): New standards in the monetary system of the future

If the world derails, if a global bank crashes or if the seething crises of today multiply, a devaluation of debt currencies is the unavoidable consequence. Anyone who invests in Cashgold opts for a means of payment that resembles banknotes, but differs significantly to fiat money. Each banknote is fitted with a miniature gold bar which indicates the specific value of the means of payment. By incorporating physical fine gold into the medium, it can be ruled out that the value of the banknote may change and become inferior due to external forces. “Cashgold vs. Schuldwährungen” (Cashgold vs. Debt Currencies) is a book that highlights opportunities for the financial markets of the future and sensitizes us to them in the present day. The risk of debt currencies is no longer futuristic. Savers are expropriated by low interest rates, the cost of living is rising and the printed paper bill is continuously losing value. In his book Cashgold vs. Schuldwährungen (Cashgold vs. Debt Currencies), the author provides interesting insights into the financial world and talks about the necessity of a new way of thinking. The original tone of the book is that debt currencies are not a revolutionary and secure solution. Cashgold is revolutionary and physically stable in terms of value.