Darknet users continue to prefer Bitcoin – but use mixers more and more often

The dominance of Bitcoin in the Darknet is unbroken, even if the popularity of Monero continues to grow. To compensate for Bitcoin’s lack of anonymity, more and more Darknet users are using mixers. Sometimes you hear that the only real purpose of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is to push money past regulation and the law. All the bells and whistles around it – the speculation, the altcoins, the technology, the attempts to bring Bitcoin into legal trade – are just whitewashing.

Completely different?
If so – we see it completely differently – this message would be a success story for Bitcoin: The first and largest crypto currency is still the undisputed number one in the Darknet. The Block looked at 49 darknet markets that sell drugs and other prohibited goods. Of these, 48 accept Bitcoin. Anyone who trades in the Darknet still seems to be unable to avoid Bitcoin. Another finding of this study could be more sensational: 22 of the 49 darknet markets also accept Monero. This enabled the anonymous cryptocurrency to achieve very wide acceptance in the Darknet. The one marketplace that doesn’t accept bitcoins is probably a Monero-only marketplace. Other privacy coins such as Dash or Zcash are only accepted by 6 or 4 of the marketplaces examined. The Darknet seems to have agreed that Monero is the only real alternative to Bitcoin.