Crypto-drug empire got stopped and the Bitcoin revenue got seized

The Leicester Crown Court ruled on June 8 that the equivalent of over $ 2.29 million should be confiscated by a British man who operated a billion-dollar crypto-drug empire from the attic of his home. According to the Harborough Mail, 32-year-old Paul Johnson, a former KFC employee, operated a darknet marketplace from his semi-detached house in Leicestershire. Johnson was sentenced to eight years in prison in February.


Illegal activities under a tea trade as camouflage

Graduate in business administration Johnson pretended to be a tea trader to disguise his international drug exchange.The authorities said Johnson imported and sold over 400 pounds of heroin, cocaine, LSD, cannabis and ketamine. All purchases from these stores were made in Bitcoin (BTC).Judge Martin Hurst said in local media that the drug dealer had total revenues of approximately $ 2.77 million. However, only $ 2.29 million was seized.Johnson must return the total and other assets, such as a Range Rover worth $ 25,454 and a Nissan Juke worth $ 38,560, within three months. These are then sold.


Drugs found on Johnson’s property

Charges were brought against the former KFC employee on several points. Among other things, because of possession of Class A and B drugs, possession with the intention of offering Class A drugs for sale, improper import of goods into the United Kingdom and five cases of money laundering.Johnson’s ex-wife Lia Taylor-Walton was sentenced to two years in prison as an accomplice in connection with the online drug empire. She is also accused of buying property with illegal money.