Community funding for Bitcoin Cash developers: running!

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has often, long and heatedly fought over how to finance the development of the node infrastructure. A crowdfunding on a new page shows how easy it is to solve the problem. In the meantime, five teams have received funding. This makes Bitcoin Cash the most decentralized full node landscape in the crypto world. However, the spread as a means of payment still lags far behind.What a drama it was. Some time ago, a group of Bitcoin cash-loyal miners decided to introduce an infrastructure tax that is deducted directly from the mining reward. While the developers of the most important full node, Bitcoin ABC, got behind the wheel, they encountered such bitter and heated resistance in the community that it has since been dropped by the miners.


Constructive behaviour

But the Bitcoin cash community showed that it is able to be constructive. Instead of the compulsory tax, in the spirit of the libertarian ideas to which the scene feels committed, voluntary generosity for infrastructure development should come up. And that is exactly what happened, and above all a newly created tool became crucial: the crowdfunding platform Flipstarter.