CoinFlip: ATM operator integrates Stellar Lumens

Large provider expands the offer for customers

The market for crypto automats – the so-called ATMs – is highly competitive. The leading terminal operators are increasingly engaged in a neck-and-neck race. According to the latest data from the analysis platform “Coinatmradar”, the company is in the lead when it comes to Bitcoin purchases from vending machines with a market share of just over eight percent. CoinFlip, however, is now in second place with almost seven percent, ahead of CoinCloud in third place with just over six percent market share. CoinFlip sets at present further on expansion. According to some analysts, an expansion of the business model to locations outside the USA, where the company operates 455 terminals, is conceivable.


XLM in good coin company at the vending machines

But first of all the manufacturer wants to conquer other states with its service. The Stellar Lumens system could now also benefit from future growth when investors invest money in digital currencies in supermarkets and gas stations in 40 US states to date. According to reports from the current No. 2 on the ATM market, the Token XLM has recently been added to the service provider’s portfolio. This brings the total number of tokens that customers can buy at ATMs to eight. Of course, some of the leading currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin are also included. Tron, Dash, Komodo and Chainlink are also available. Incidentally, payments at the machines are currently possible either with cash or credit cards.


CoinFlip on its way to the top of ATMs in the USA

In addition, CoinFlip customers can now also access their hardware wallets from the world-renowned provider Ledger via the service provider’s platform. As one of the substantial advantages many fans of anonymous purchases see that at the US automats only starting from a purchase price of 900 USD upward no proof of identity is necessary. Only from this value onward do the so-called Know Your Customer guidelines take effect. What for XLM is an important step towards more acceptance in the real world, is for CoinFlip probably the logical consequence of the growth plans. CoinFlip is not only planning to install 20 new machines per week, but also to expand the currency variety of ATMs in the USA. Clear goal: To become the No. 1 in the worldwide industry.