Centralized exchange integrates decentralized chainlink price oracles for reliable Bitcoin prices

The Digitex Futures Exchange offers trading in futures of cryptocurrencies. The centralized exchange is the first worldwide to integrate decentralized oracles into your company. The Chainlink (LINK) price feeds are designed to secure existing prices, guarantee reliable and secure prices and also protect against manipulation.


Chainlink (LINK) price feeds as an anchor

When trading, correct and reliable prices are particularly important. That’s why the Digitex Futures Exchange will integrate Chainlink’s decentralized price oracles, making it the first central exchange to integrate this way. The press release states:

“The inclusion of chainlink price reference contracts brings increased transparency and reliability to a critical component of our platform. It provides traders with strong protection against price manipulation and ensures that traders are not overly jeopardized if our internal price feeds deviate too far from the market price, as evidenced by Chainlink’s extremely reliable and tamper-proof price reference contracts.”


Decentralized price oracles as protection against manipulation and an advantage for customers

In addition to exact and reliable prices, the integration of Chainlink’s price oracle serves as protection against manipulation. Because the decentralized design means that the data cannot be influenced and changed. If the use turns out to be successful and fully functional, it should only be a matter of time before other exchanges that offer trading in cryptocurrencies show interest in Chainlink’s price oracles.