Cardano founder Hoskinson: Great things are coming

Cardano fans can expect significant changes and a far-reaching increase in market presence. At least according to co-founder Hoskinson.


Cardano has big plans for 2020

The crypto world is known for its openness to regular changes in connection with new developments and technical changes within the systems. Ethereum Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson is currently explaining that there will be a lot going on in the case of Cardano (ADA). As is well known, Hoskinson not only played a major role in the system behind Ethereum and the Coin Ether (ETH), but was equally involved in the development of Cardano. In the current case, the Cardano co-founder announced that the community should prepare for massive effects.


First important steps 2020 have already been taken

As is so often the tips reach the community via Twitter. The Cardano co-founder speaks of a veritable iceberg in his announcements about the social media platform for the system. The next two months are expected to bring about trend-setting changes within the ecosystem. The expert also uses the word “will” in his current postings. Many new ideas are said to be in the works to give Cardano and the Coin ADA greater importance on the market. Many users in the community are unaware of how numerous planned developments will be. The launch of the “Ouroboros Byzantine Fault Tolerance” (OBFT) protocol is only the beginning of a whole series of new innovations to optimize the blockchain. This could soon allow the coin to continue to rise and increasingly compete with Bitcoin.


Will ADA make the leap into the new era?

The aim of the introduction is to further improve the proof of stack in the system. At the end of the coming changes, the final decentralized orientation of the block chain, which serves as the basis for Cardano, should be in place. In his statements Hoskinson does not forget to refer to the impressive achievements of the past weeks. Not least the Shelley Testnet is meant here, which was launched last. In any case, it would be worthwhile to consider the further developments around the system and the crypto currency ADA. So it might not be long before the “Shelley era” mentioned by Charles Hoskinson begins. It remains to be seen whether the predictions prove to be true. In the end, the community will decide on success and failure. Competition between the leading coins is fierce, so even small things can make the difference in terms of investments.