Canada: Thieves steal 4,000 US dollars from a Bitcoin cash dispenser

Two thieves in a Canadian grocery store stole $4,000 from a Bitcoin ATM (BTC). However, they forgot to check the second canister and left 50,000 US dollars behind.

According to a local media report published on 20 November, the robbery took place on 19 November at around 4 a.m. at the Simply Delicious Food Market in Vernon, British Columbia.


The police are “confident” that they will find the perpetrators.

After police were reportedly on site only 15 minutes after the shop’s security systems were activated, the two men fled in time and are currently at large. However, an interview with the shopkeeper revealed that a great deal of evidence had been gathered:

“Our security camera found that at least one of their cars, a grey Nissan Sentra, had left. The police were also able to recognize her license plate.”

While the report says little about the small grocery store’s decision to install a Bitcoin ATM – Vernon has just over 40,000 inhabitants – the shaken owner plans to remove the machine now.

The negative effects of the small robbery are all the more ironic given the thieves’ success as reporters reveal the following:

“The thieves set off with $4,000, but left $50,000 in a canister in the machine they didn’t check.”


Number of Bitcoin ATMs worldwide at all-time high

In autumn 2018, Cointelegraph reported on the controversial arrest of the developers of the first Bitcoin ATM by the Indian authorities. The story was particularly symbolic in view of the two suspects who co-founded the country’s first crypto exchange, Unocoin. They were hailed by local industry as one of India’s most intelligent technology pioneers.

The arrests were vehemently rejected in a fog of regulatory uncertainties and the overlap of the case with the government’s evolving attitude towards the sector at the time. Earlier this week, the number of Bitcoin ATMs installed worldwide reached a new milestone with over 6,000.

In a development that does not appear to have been directly triggered by the news, the United States Internal Revenue Service announced this week that it is addressing potential tax problems caused by crypto ATMs and kiosks.