Blockchain: Tencent builds with Blockchain for the Chinese wine industry

High quality wines depend on very specific conditions to achieve their quality. It is therefore important that retailers and consumers have accurate information at every stage of the wine making process. Tencent is developing a high-quality wine blockchain in collaboration with Changy, one of the most famous Chinese winemakers. All details related to the production and distribution of each bottle of wine are stored in the blockchain. Information is uploaded at every stage of the winemaking process, starting with the planting and growing of the grapes. Information such as variety, origin, humidity, sunshine and temperature is added to each grape. This data is uploaded during the planting phase and constantly updated both during and after the brewing process. These production data inform consumers about the wine making process and ensure quality control.

Blockchain magic for wine
Wine traceability has traditionally been fragmented and unreliable. Information is recorded separately between different supply chain partners. This makes tracking and gathering information a long and time-consuming process. With blockchain, all information about winemaking can be uploaded to a platform that any authorized user can access. Since the blockchain is a decentralized, distributed general ledger network, all information is encrypted and sent to every single entity in the network. They serve as a backup to check whether changes have been made. The result is an extremely secure supply chain.