Blockchain Technology: IBM using Blockchain to track Coffee

Farmer Connect and Smucker partnership
Farmer Connect, an IBM Blockchain project, wants to help farmers make their supply chains transparent to customers and everyone involved. A special app was developed for this to enable simple operation without much specialist knowledge. The app is called “Thank my Farmer” and was already introduced by Farmer Connect at the Consumer Electronic Show 2020. Not only is information stored for sales of individual products, but the opportunity has also been created to send funds directly to farmers. This enables transparent donations to be created across the entire supply chain of the 1850 Coffee Edition from Smucker.

IBM Blockchain Project Food Trust
Farmer Connect is an IBM project. More specifically the IBM Blockchain Food Trust project. This is an amalgamation of the many different parties involved in the food supply chains. The fully automatic advantages of data collection are obvious.
Starting with the producers of various foods, to processors and wholesalers, right through to the retailer – all interfaces involved in the sales process are stored decentral on the blockchain. Due to the simple operation via mobile phone app, not much specialist knowledge is required. Data such as the origin of food as well as transaction and processing details are collected, analyzed and evaluated.