Blockchain is important for social media and virtual reality

The virtual reality media platform Sensorium has announced its membership in the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) – a Swiss non-profit industry association for blockchain.  Sensorium will participate in GBBC’s upcoming virtual forum on May 28, where the company’s technology director, Alex Blagirev, will present its forecasts. The main topic will be change through virtual social media.


DLT protects the copyright for user content

A GBBC representative said the convergence of VR and social media is already gaining momentum, noting that major platforms like Facebook “offer users new ways to share and experience content.””In this context, blockchain technology is likely to play an important role in creating digital assets and a virtual online economy,” the representative continued.”In addition, blockchain technology could be used to protect property and copyright, and to create new advertising models in virtual worlds, as is already the case in the real world.”


Sensorium wants to reach policy makers through the GBBC

As a GBBC member, Sensorium will participate in a number of GBBC activities aimed at “driving the adoption of blockchain technology and educating regulators, policy makers and leaders about the benefits of the technology”.The two entities began their formal collaboration at the GBBC’s flagship event, Blockchain Central Davos, in which Sensorium participated.”We ended the evening with a special demo of Sensorium’s VR platform and a performance by GBBC Ambassador for Art and Music and former Guns N’Roses drummer Matt Sorum,” added the GBBC spokesman.