Blockchain consortium plans to record corona virus spread

No partners known yet

The website states that the consortium is an association of health authorities, universities, healthcare providers and innovators. Together, they strive to collect patient data, store it securely and analyze it using the blockchain. However, no partner organizations can be found on the website yet. However, one sees an open invitation for institutions that want to join the consortium. The consortium’s results will be announced at a press conference next year. With the help of VirusBlockchain, areas are to be divided into different zones. There should be communities and companies that are considered free of infectious diseases. The blockchain is technically managed by Qlikchain. The general manager Ayon Hazra said:

“Unlike traditional infectious disease surveillance, which targets infected people, this is a system that instead controls the movement of uninfected people to limit their return when they have passed through infected areas.”


Mandatory quarantine

It also states that people who enter an area that is marked as infected must be in a quarantine area before they can be in a safe area. This is similar to the way people are now asked to quarantine when they come into contact with potential corona patients. It all sounds interesting, but with such projects you have to ask yourself: why is the blockchain necessary for this?