Bitfinex processes Bitcoin transaction worth a billion euros

When someone transferred 161,500 Bitcoin (BTC) on April 10 for a fee of only $ 0.00010019 BTC – about $ 0.68 – the crypto world was listening.According to the details of the blockchain transaction, the user moved around a billion euros in the cryptocurrency. Of this, 15,000 BTC ended up in a wallet, while the remainder of 146,500 BTC was returned to the original address.Twitter user KRMA_0 was one of the first to discover the transaction. It was not long before the person responsible for the transfer became known. In a response that reached its more than 15,000 followers on Sunday, Paolo Ardoino, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Bitfinex, said the crypto exchange was responsible. This had replenished her hot wallet:


New record for the highest BTC transaction

The last time that more than $ 1 billion was moved in BTC was on September 6, 2019. As transaction records show, 94,504 BTC at the time was around $ 1.018 billion at a cost of $ 700. Dollars have been transferred.However, this wasn’t the largest amount of cryptocurrency ever shifted. This honor is due to a 500,000 BTC transaction on November 16, 2011. At that point in time, worth $ 1.32 million, this amount could be liquidated by Bitcoin today for about $ 3.5 billion.