Bitcoin vs Gold: Who has the upper hand

Bitcoin (BTC) is changing more and more from the intended, independent payment system to digital value storage. That is why Bitcoin is often referred to as “Gold 2.0”. Indeed, data shows that investing in Bitcoin generated far more profits than investing in gold. Even at the risk of Peter Schiff again publishing a negative tweet about Bitcoin (BTC): Bitcoin is a better investment than gold. Who e.g. Bought around 0.13 BTC for USD 1,000 in January 2020, would own around USD 1,510 in BTC on the 24th August. The same amount invested in gold would only have generated about $ 277 in profit. If we go back a long way, let’s say the year 2013, an initial investment of USD 1,000 would result in around USD 85,000 today. Let’s take a closer look at the data to be even more amazed.

Bitcoin and gold often perform similarly, but not always
 Bitcoin is said to have numerous correlations. On the one hand to the US S & P500, on the other hand also to silver and gold. Admittedly, the course of the BTC is always the same as the courses mentioned. When we compare BTC and gold, we also see a – currently – increasing correlation. Especially in the last ~ 90 days.