Bitcoin Scam PlusToken Moves $ 117 Million in BTC – Is There a Crash?

On the trail of the PlusToken Scam

Everyone is still talking about PlusToken. The fraudulent system from China collected over $ 3 billion of customers, mainly in Bitcoin and ETH, and made off with it. Since then, the PlusToken Scam has tried to wash the cryptocurrencies via so-called mixers and sell them on selected exchanges.

Blockchain research company Ergo has been monitoring the activities of the PlusToken Scam for a long time. However, it does not look like an imminent sell-off like in September and November last year. Nevertheless, we could soon feel additional sales pressure.


It is becoming increasingly difficult for PlusToken to sell BTC

According to Ergo, the operators of the PlusToken Scam have been selling BTC and ETH since August last year. However, the amount that is being sold has decreased significantly recently. This could be mainly due to the fact that all PlusToken addresses are now known and are not accepted by some exchanges.

In addition, the funds can be tracked up to an exchange, but it is not always possible to understand whether a sale ultimately came about. Because the wallets of the exchanges are sometimes used to further wash away the traces of stolen Bitcoin and Ethereum.