Bitcoin rate “in 10 years” at 400,000 US dollars, Sun calls Tron “Shitcoin

The BitMEX CEO leaves no good hair on XRP – and therefore invites you to happy ripple-shoring on his platform. Meanwhile, Justin Sun practices irony – or cynicism, depending on how you interpret his statement that Tron is a Shitcoin. Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, goes to a BSV conference as a speaker, but also distances himself from Bitcoin Satoshi Vision.


Novogratz: XRP will underperform in 2020

Meanwhile, Bitcoin cop Mike Novogratz has also made a public statement about XRP. At a conference in Orlando, Florida, the CEO of the investment company Galaxy Digital provided a bearish outlook for the Ripple Asset. Novogratz is particularly concerned about the fact that Ripple still holds a large part of the available XRP Coins in its trust wallets.

“Ripple the company owns 60 billion of the coins, XRP. That’s a lot.  […] When I buy a stock, if I know that someone is selling $10 billion worth of it at a certain price, I am less enthusiastic about buying it.  […] Last year, [XRP] underperformed significantly.  I believe that it will underperform again this year, and that’s just because of the offer,” Novogratz said at the conference hosted by TDI Ameritrade and reported by the English-language crypto news portal Coindesk.

In the meantime Novogratz has added via Tweetstorm: Galaxy is a major investor in Ripple Labs, Novogratz is personally interested in the success of the company. Incidentally, Ripple boss Garlinghouse is doing an excellent job. Nevertheless, only Bitcoin has so far proven itself as an asset – especially in its function as “digital gold”. In contrast, Ether and XRP are still in a trial phase.

Bitcoin exchange rate 2030: 400,000 US dollars

Meanwhile, Andy Edstorm from the Californian asset manager WESCAP is supplying feed for the Bitcoin bulls. In the podcast Citizen Bitcoin, Edstorm assumes that Bitcoin will already be on a par with gold in terms of market capitalization in ten years. This would correspond to a Bitcoin price of 400,000 US dollars per BTC.

“I think the total valuation for 10 years that I use is about $8 trillion, and that comes from different buckets. Whether it’s taking shares of gold, or taking shares of Fiat, or taking shares of offshore assets, or the easy dismantling of other value preserves like real estate or new uses that we haven’t thought of yet or that are still under construction, like micropayments,” believes Edstorm, who also happens to have written a book called “Why Buy Bitcoin.


Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales distances himself from Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV)

Jimmy Wales will be a guest speaker at the next conference of the BSV blog Coingeek. This has fuelled rumours that Wikipedia wants to integrate Bitcoin Satoshi Vision into its platform. But the Wikipedia founder has now made it clear that nothing will ever come of it – and asked Coingeek to revise their marketing material accordingly.

“Your marketing material needs to be updated immediately – as people seem to read this as a kind of recommendation from me. I’ve come to give my opinion, which includes that the BSV has nothing to offer for Wikipedia and that there’s no chance we’d ever use it,” Wales tweets in plain language.