Bitcoin, Kim Jong-un and North Korea – a factual classification

Rumor has it that Kim Jong-un is seriously ill or even dead. Fears of an upcoming Bitcoin dump quickly arose in the crypto scene. Here, however, there are arguments based on various rumors. The market is sometimes fast moving. If we complained about too many bullish analyzes at the weekend, a crypto doomsday theory is now making the rounds. North Korea, they fear, will use its capital to pull the crypto markets down.How is that supposed to happen? Well, rumor has it that Kim Jong-un is doing very badly.


North Korea is known for this

Like so many things from North Korea, it is unclear what is going on with these rumors. South Korea’s security adviser Moon Chung-In recently said: According to his statement, the ruler of North Korea should enjoy the best of health. Other voices say the opposite and that sister Kim Joung-un, Kim Yo-jong is currently being prepared for the successor.The media were full of speculation. What could a death and the related succession on the part of Kim Yo-jong mean? What does this mean for the human rights situation in North Korea and what for foreign policy relations? Questions after questions.