Bitcoin for companies: Another company converts cash reserves into BTC

Thanks to the stimulation packages from central banks and governments around the world in the wake of the corona crisis, the upswing on the markets could be renewed. However, due to the apparent increase in the amount of money, many investors are also worried about a devaluation of the dollar and co. This skepticism about the current situation is by no means limited to supporters of Bitcoin and co.

Critical of the market
Traditional investors are also critical of current market developments. In summary, it can be said that the narratives of BTC are becoming more and more important as digital gold and state-independent asset. Only recently, the company MicroStrategy decided to invest 250 million USD of its cash reserves in Bitcoin. Now the same project is making headlines for another company. What’s it all about?

Canadian restaurant invests in Bitcoin
In the last few weeks and months, Bitcoin seems to have found another well-funded group that is interested in the asset, alongside private and institutional investors: companies. Just last week it became known that the largest, publicly traded business intelligence company in the world, “MicroStrategy”, invested a total of USD 250 million of its corporate assets in BTC.