Bitcoin (BTC) boom already happening?

A positive mood spreads

The entire crypto market this year is not necessarily as many predicted and expected it to be. Due to the current economic situation, the crypto market is also very volatile, which was shown in the fall in mid-March to USD 3,700, from where it then rose again to the current price of USD 7,500.Some experts believe that the bottom has been reached and the Bitcoin is rising because we are approaching the halving event. It is believed that the halving event will trigger a Bitcoin boom based on historical data and technical charts. Even if there are already some deviations from this data, they remain with this opinion.Crypto experts also believe that the bitcoin boom may already be underway, due to previous developments that are only now taking effect. So the Bitcoin has not fallen again since its March low.


BTC ban lift was very important

For many, lifting the ban on Bitcoin in India also plays a big role. Cashaa India, one of the leading trading platforms for Bitcoin and cryptos in India, saw an increase in Bitcoin trading volume of 800% after the lifting. The platform has more than 600 registered users. India was one of the crypto countries before the ban came into force. Almost monthly, 300,000 customers jumped on the crypto train.This month’s data from Google Trends showed that interest in bitcoin halving has increased by 16%.