Bitcoin adoption: Washington D.C. lawyers can now accept cryptocurrencies

While Bitcoin (BTC) has established itself as one of the most popular alternative investments, there are other investment opportunities in connection with the cryptocurrency. Because while the mining of Bitcoin was previously carried out by private households, the process has now shifted to large companies.


Hive and Riot blockchain with high profits

Mining, i.e. mining of bitcoins, was carried out by private individuals on their computers at home in the early days of cryptocurrency. Back then, it was still possible to mine several bitcoins with little effort. This is inconceivable today. With increasing popularity, the mining process has shifted to large companies. They recognized the business with bitcoins and set up huge mining farms. These farms are a center for a variety of mining devices that are designed and optimized to mine new bitcoins. One of these companies that has successfully established itself in the mining market is Hive Blockchain. The stock of the blockchain company from Canada, listed on the stock exchange, has given investors high profits since the beginning of the year. While Bitcoin prices have risen 25% since the beginning of the year since January 1st, Hive stock has more than tripled. At the beginning of the year the price was $ 0.09, today the stock is trading for $ 0.31 – an increase of over 200%.