Barrick Gold solved a problem

The gold price presents itself after the losses from the previous day on Tuesday in Asia and at the start of European trading. After the US stock markets closed yesterday due to a holiday, the Americans are starting trading again today. The world’s second largest gold producer, Barrick Gold, ended Canadian trading unchanged yesterday. And this despite the fact that there have actually been good reports from the company.After Barrick Gold and its subsidiary Acacia Mining spent months arguing with the Tanzanian government, Barrick Gold reached an agreement on this front about four months ago.


New Gold is about to be ready to be exported

The Reuters news agency reports that the first containers of gold concentrate are now ready for export. “Those responsible for law enforcement have completed their review and Twiga (a Barricks subsidiary in Tanzania (editor’s note)) has been given permission to export the containers,” said Simon Msanjila, State Secretary at the Ministry of Mines. Barricks CEO Mark Bristow, who confirmed in January that it was $ 260-280 million gold that could not be exported, did not want to comment on the export to Reuters. Understandably, you don’t want to pay too much attention to such a valuable transport.