Bank Frick offers Bitcoin trading via online banking

Bank Frick from Liechtenstein now enables trading in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

You can now trade Bitcoin via the Liechtenstein bank Frick. As the company announced in a press release on May 13, financial intermediaries are now to benefit from the mass subscription for all their customer bases and the execution of block orders when trading securities with the bank’s online banking.


Bitcoin (BTC) for institutional customers

As the company further reports, the bank is targeting trustees, asset managers and institutional clients. This should give them the opportunity to make the crypto asset class accessible to their end customers in a simple and convenient manner and thus to differentiate themselves from their competitors.“Our intuitive user interface simplifies cryptocurrency trading and enables intermediaries to diversify their customer portfolios quickly and easily. Classic and Blockchain Banking continue to grow together, “says Stefan Rauti, Head Private Clients and EAM, Bank Frick.Bank Frick’s online banking now enables the processing of block orders in securities trading, which can then be distributed across the individual customer accounts, the bank continues. The new functions thus enabled more efficient processing and time savings for intermediaries.