Austrian Blockchain Alliance for climate-neutral business

Blockchain against climate change – this is the idea of a number of prominent players from the domestic and international blockchain scene as well as from the energy and electromobility sectors. The group has come together “to build the decentralized backbone for a CO2-free future.” The lab10 collective from Graz with the block chain ARTIS.

lab10 develops the protocol of the world’s most energy-efficient block chain ARTIS. The collective has now been able to win Austria’s largest non-university research institution, the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) and AUSTRIAPRO, an association for the promotion of standard-compliant e-business solutions, as network partners. In addition, specialists from the crypto sector are joining the network: Coinfinity GmbH, Capacity Blockchain Solutions GmbH, the innovation laboratory, OurPower Energiegenossenschaft SCE mbH, Ladelösung Easelink GmbH and the innovative energy start-up meo Smart Home Energy GmbH are among the partners involved.


International partnerships

The companies join the illustrious circle of international supporters of ARTIS. Well-known names from the Ethereum ecosystem such as POA Network, Giveth and Ocean Protocol have already announced their support. ERC20 “inventor” Fabian Vogelsteller is also enthusiastic about ARTIS and supports the network. Univ. Prof. Dr. Alfred Taudes, scientific director and coordinator of the Austrian Blockchain Center of the Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, comments: “As a true network player, the lab10 collective manages to build important bridges: between the economy and the environment, technology and people, as well as between all the international and national players in the blockchain sector.


Artis: Blockchain against climate change

The cooperation is intended to combat climate change in the long term: “ARTIS’ technology now offers new opportunities for climate-neutral business,” says Thomas Zeinzinger, CEO of the lab10 collective. As early as the beginning of November this year, he told Trending Topics: “We see climate change, and the associated need for decarbonisation, as an urgent challenge that we are now addressing radically,” says Zeinzinger. The Artis blockchain is to be trimmed for energy efficiency in the future, and for a special reason: it is to be used in the field of renewable energies and electromobility.

Last week the European Parliament, as you know, declared a climate emergency and the head of the ECB, Christine Lagarde, placed future monetary policy more or less under climate policy. Up to three trillion euros could be spent on combating climate change by 2030. In this context, Zeinzinger refers to the numerous innovations from the lab10 collective, which develops practical solutions for a green and sustainable economy. This also applies to ARTIS: “ARTIS is the network on which CO2-neutral applications, especially in the field of e-mobility and energy communities, build new business models.