Are blockchain startups about to come to its end?

It’s no secret that the corona crisis hits many blockchain startups hard. But what about planned digital securities issues and what are the reasons for investors and the state to invest now? A comment.Many investors and blockchain start-ups were optimistic in early 2020. The prospects have improved significantly, especially when it comes to financing start-ups or real estate via security tokens. In the past year and a half, numerous tokenization platforms and service providers related to security tokens have been created in the DACH region. The preparations have been made, the infrastructure is in place and some financing projects have been pent up in the pipeline. It could start if it weren’t for the Corona crisis.


Corona is to blame for everything ?!

Should you cancel an upcoming security token offering, even if everything is in place and you have been working for a long time on token financing? There is no correct or simple answer to this question. The ecosystem does need courageous pioneers who go ahead even in difficult situations. Only nobody is helped if it turns out afterwards that the financing has failed despite a good product. Everyone is afraid of burning themselves, for good reason.In the event of failure, referring to the exceptional situation of Corona will only partially save the reputation. Finally, blockchain startups that are not very promising and which would also fail under normal conditions use the “excuse” Corona. It will be difficult to distinguish downstream between those who actually failed due to the Corona crisis and those who used the crisis as an advanced reason to hide the failure they had caused themselves.